What is a Midwife?

Midwives are health care professionals who assist and care for childbearing women while they are pregnant and during labor, birth and postpartum. They help new mothers in caring for their newborns and also provide education and medical assistance.

Midwives are well-trained in the progression of labor, maternity care and childbirth. They can refer women to specialists if complications that a midwife cannot treat arise during pregnancy. They generally opt to have less intervention during a pregnancy as opposed to an obstetrician or other type of physician unless there are complications.

Why are Midwives important?

Midwifery care results in fewer cesarean births than physician care for equally low-risk women. The average costs for vaginal birth are approximately 50% lower than those for cesarean birth. Every 1,000 women who avoid unnecessary cesarean births amounts to over $7 million in health care cost savings.


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