Nurse Practitioners

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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

NPs treat a variety of patients using a wide range of means, including physical exams, ordering tests, perscribing medications and more. They can diagnose and treat many diseases and, in many cases, serve as a patient’s primary health care provider.

As with physicians, NPs are dedicated to individualized care and a focus on illness prevention, wellness and patient education, and are also very active in patient advocacy. NPs can be certified in a range of areas including family health and women’s health, pediatrics, mental health, oncology and much more.

Why are NPs important?

NPs were found to have equal or higher patient satisfaction rates than physicians and also tended to spend more time with patients during clinical visits. Similar reports and statements from the North Carolina Medical Journal, the Federal Trade Commission, the AARP, the Kellogg Foundation, and The Atlantic all echo this finding.


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